How SEO Optimization Helped Supplement Company

Although there are many easy-to-use website building services available, this doesn’t always translate well on search engines. You could create a beautiful site, and it would do nothing for your company. This is an excellent example of how a company was able to raise its profit margin with SEO optimization.


Company A* creates natural supplements that help with the production of testosterone. They were having difficulty reaching their profit margins and realized they couldn’t be found on Google. Before they hired marketers, they were on page 96 for testosterone boosters.

Big Fish Digital Pheonix was able to diagnose their website and SEO issues immediately after viewing the site. The site was slow-loading, with bad graphics, and contained very little information about the product itself. The site also lacked contact information, an FAQ section, and a meta-description.

After Big Fish Digital Pheonix updated their website, they created social media pages and posts for Company A* to help them reach and connect with their targeted audience. By doing so, they raised their trustability on Google and with potential clients. They also received more organic traffic after their posts, and social media pages were shared online. The company did not have a mobile-friendly site, and after their updated webpage was optimized for mobile devices, Company A saw a 36% increase in organic web traffic.

Because the previous site lacked a customer service page, many clients wanted refunds on the product. It wasn’t that the product itself was terrible, it was that users found ingredients they were allergic to. And because that information was not on the site nor was there a customer service page to contact the company, many customers created chargebacks leaving the company in a negative profit zone.


Company A* was able to raise its profits by 66%. They saw a decrease in the number of returns and chargebacks, all from making simple pages to their site.