How SEO Optimization Helped Supplement Company

Although there are many easy-to-use website building services available, this doesn’t always translate well on search engines. You could create a beautiful site, and it would do nothing for your company. This is an excellent example of how a company was able to raise its profit margin with SEO optimization.


Company A* creates natural supplements that help with the production of testosterone. They were having difficulty reaching their profit margins and realized they couldn’t be found on Google. Before they hired marketers, they were on page 96 for testosterone boosters.

Big Fish Digital Pheonix was able to diagnose their website and SEO issues immediately after viewing the site. The site was slow-loading, with bad graphics, and contained very little information about the product itself. The site also lacked contact information, an FAQ section, and a meta-description.

After Big Fish Digital Pheonix updated their website, they created social media pages and posts for Company A* to help them reach and connect with their targeted audience. By doing so, they raised their trustability on Google and with potential clients. They also received more organic traffic after their posts, and social media pages were shared online. The company did not have a mobile-friendly site, and after their updated webpage was optimized for mobile devices, Company A saw a 36% increase in organic web traffic.

Because the previous site lacked a customer service page, many clients wanted refunds on the product. It wasn’t that the product itself was terrible, it was that users found ingredients they were allergic to. And because that information was not on the site nor was there a customer service page to contact the company, many customers created chargebacks leaving the company in a negative profit zone.


Company A* was able to raise its profits by 66%. They saw a decrease in the number of returns and chargebacks, all from making simple pages to their site.

How to Improve Your SEO Rankings in 2020

Just because you have a website doesn’t mean people will see it. Do you show up on the first page of Google? Did you know that 75% of people don’t ever go to page two of search results? What’s even crazier is that the top result of Google only has a 33% chance of getting clicked. Meaning if you’re not the first result on Google, most people don’t care or trust your site. Fixing your SEO can help boost your page and help you reach more potential customers. Continue reading to learn more.

Improve your page loading speed

Google can recognize how slow your page is, and it can ruing your search engine ranking. Not only that, but most users log off a slow running site. By today’s standards, a slow running site could be a mere 10 seconds.

Optimize your mobile site

Most Google searches are now done on mobile. If your website is not optimized for mobile devices, it could ruin the user’s experience, and negatively affect your ranking.


Headings, headings, headings. Headings make your site easier to read, helping the user experience. The longer users are on your site, the better their experience is, and the more Google will recognize you as a worthy site to be highly ranked.

Produce high-quality content

Don’t skimp on the content. As we’ve mentioned before, fresh, up-to-date content will not only reach more people, but search engine crawls can differentiate between a spammy site compared and a reliable source.

Properly Optimize Images

Resize or compress your images. As mentioned before a slow-moving site will lower your SEO rankings. TIP: We suggest you properly name your images, and having a correctly labeled ALT text has been shown to boost SEO rankings.

What Is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization is the process of increasing website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website to users on a web search engine site. Optimizing your website can bring you free and organic traffic to your website without you spending too much on advertising. When your SEO is optimized, you see more direct visitors.

There are a million reasons why your site may not be the top search on search engines. Search engines like Google scan, or crawl, websites to see what your site is really about; this way, they can lead people to your site based on the information on it.

While these search engines crawl through your site, they look at speed, content, website design, and searches for specific keywords.

Content is important. For instance, if you have a daily blog, writing the specific keyword within the article (i.e., “reviews of laptops”), the search engine crawl should be able to realize that you’re writing a review of laptops. The better the content is, the higher the chances your site will show up on search engines. Creating fresh, up-to-date content helps place you higher up as well.

It helps the search engine crawl if you have title tags, a meta description, sub-headings in your post, internal links, and if your images and ALT tags are correctly labeled.

Off-page SEO are things that you may not have control over but can improve on overtime. For instance, Google looks at the trustworthiness of sites by checking backlinks (links to your website from other trustworthy sites). Social signals such as likes, shares, and tweets all help boost your SEO rankings. The more people share, the more search engines see you as trustworthy.

The Bottom Line
You can make simple changes to your website and update your content to help your search engine ranking go up. You have to keep in mind that it takes time for your SEO changes to reflect on your search engine ranking, and there may be a ton of different factors that affect it, but every little bit helps.

Why Your Business Needs Digital Marketing

With more and more people shopping online and doing research before they purchase, it’s become imperative that companies understand the importance of marketing online. When you effectively market to your audience online, you can scale your business to new heights. Continue reading below to see why digital marketing is important and how successful marketing can lead to more business.

Everyone Is Online

According to, there are over 4.54 billion people online; that’s almost 59% of the global population. Not only do more people buy online, but they also do considerable research before they purchase things now. They look for the best deals, closest brick-and-mortar stores, and look for the best option to fit their needs. In fact, 95% of internet users don’t go past the first page of their Google Search. If you’re not online, you’re missing out on thousands of potential clients.


Traditional advertising is a one-way street, where only the consumer gets annoyed at your campaign. When you create an online site, brand, and persona, you can connect with your audience. By being online, you allow clients to contact you. You don’t have to search for them, as they are searching for you.

Specific Targeting

Did you know when you advertise on Facebook and other sites, you can select the demographic you want your ads to show? The best marketers will determine not only who your core audience is, but also the best potential customers for you. A great marketing team can personalize ads to your specific demographic to reach them in ways you might not have been able to before.

Increase Your Brand Visibility

If you want more people to know who you are, you have to be available online. The bottom line is people need to be able to reach you on all social media platforms and on Google. The best marketers engage with consumers and can expand your reach for miles. Studies show that when people see your brand and logo, more often, they trust your brand more.